Disposable take away aluminum foil paper salad bowl with lid

The inner side of the food grade paper is coated with a thick layer of aluminum foil to strengthen the cold insulation effect and solve the problem of water leakage and oil leakage. The appearance is better than ordinary paper bowl.

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Disposable take away aluminum foil paper salad bowl with lid

The aluminum foil paper bowl is made of food-grade eco friendly paper, and the inner aluminum foil has a good cold and heat preservation effect. The impermeability is better than ordinary paper bowls. The high-thickness appearance of the aluminum foil bowl highlights the quality. A series of sizes can meet your different needs.

Product Feature:

● Good insulation performance
● Good strength

● Nice appearance
● Suitable for hot and cold foods
● Excellent printing effect,high stiffness and good brightness

Product details:

The aluminum foil is smooth and transparent, the thickness is uniform, and the detail treatment shows the quality. The size of the matching cover is just right, and there is no risk of leakage.

disposable bowl plates

apa itu paper bowl

Model specification:

Different size from 8oz to 50oz

disposable plates and bowls for hot food

silver disposable bowls

Our Advantanges:

1. Our team has more than 10 years' experience.
2. Factory directly sells with high quality and competitive price.
3. High quality control;
4. We only use 100% food grade quality and safe material;

5. With EU,SDS,LFGB,FDA and other certificates.

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