Disposable Biodegradable Takeaway Aluminum Foil Paper Bowl

Aluminum foil paper bowl has better heat and cold insulation effect than other paper bowls. It has high thickness and good quality. It is a new food packaging.

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Disposable Biodegradable Takeaway Aluminum Foil Paper Bowl

Aluminum foil products are resistant to high temperature (121°C), low temperature (-50°C), oil resistance, can better retain the temperature of food,which are very suitable for food that needs to be kept fresh or warm. 

Aluminum foil bowls are ideal for soups that need to be kept warm or foods that need to be kept fresh.

Product Feature:

● Good insulation performance
● Leak and grease resistant

● Nice appearance
● Suitable for hot and cold foods
● Excellent printing effect,high stiffness and good brightness

Product details:

Smooth surface, clean white appearance and high thickness paper bowl are new choices for food packaging.

The matching lid(PP/OPS) has good sealing performance, will not fall off during squeezing, and will not leak the soup even when poured.

paper serving bowls

chinet paper bowls

Model specification:

Size above 500ml as below

Description Model Dimensions  (cm) Package
Top(A) Bottom(B) High(H)     Pcs/bag Bags/ctn Pcs/ctn
Salad bowl 500ml 11.5 9.2 7.7 50 10 500
Salad bowl
15.0 12.5 4.5 50 12 600
Salad bowl 750ml 15.0 12.8 6.0 50 12 600
Salad bowl 1000ml 15.0 12.8 7.5 50 12 600
Salad bowl
1100ml 16.5 14.5 6.6 50 12 600
Salad bowl 1300ml 16.5 14.5 7.5 50 12 600
Salad bowl
1500ml 18.4 16.1 6.6 50 12 600
Bowl lid
115mm 11.5

50 10 500
Bowl lid 150mm 15.0

50 12 600
Bowl lid
165mm 16.5

50 12 600
Bowl lid 184mm 18.4

50 12 600


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