take out paper bowls

Disposable custom printing aluminum foil paper bowl with lid

The paper bowl is environmentally friendly and recyclable. The aluminum foil silver paper bowl has better oil and water leakage prevention function than the general paper bowl.

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Disposable custom printing aluminum foil paper bowl with lid

Aluminum foil products are resistant to high temperature (121°C), low temperature (-50°C), oil resistance, can better retain the temperature of food,which are very suitable for food that needs to be kept fresh or warm. 

It is non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, high strength, good permeability, wear resistance and so on. It can hold salads, snacks, hot soup, noodles, rice, sushi, fruits, nuts, sauces and so on.

Product Feature:

● Good insulation performance
● Good strength

● Nice appearance
● Suitable for hot and cold foods
● Excellent printing effect,high stiffness and good brightness

Product details:

foil paper bowl

8 oz paper bowls

Model specification:


paper bowl printing

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