Disposable Biodegradable Takeaway Ripple Hot Paper Cups

Ripple cups are usually composed of coated paper cup paper and ripple paper. The coated paper is divided into double coated paper and single coated paper. The thickness of the usually used coated paper is 218 grams to 300 grams.

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Disposable Biodegradable Takeaway Ripple Hot Paper Cups

The disposable ripple hot cups with lids is a new type of coffee cup. It is mainly used in high-end coffee shops and high-end ice cream shops. Its main market is concentrated in European and American countries. The global annual consumption of corrugated cups is 1 billion. 

Product Feature:

● Leak and grease resistant.
● High quality 100% pure  paper

● FDA,EU,CE,LFGB,SDS certifications approved.

● Suitable for hot and cold beverage.
● Custom printing available.

Product  specification:

Size of 250ml(8oz), 400ml (12oz), 500ml(16oz) ,suitbable for different needs.

With different ripple color: red,black.brown and customized colors

solo paper cups

Model details:

The mouth is round and smooth,and the thick material show the quality;

The bottom is embossed and tightly bonded.

amazon paper cups

paper snack cups

Our Advantanges:

1. Our team has more than 10 years' experience.
2. Factory directly sells with high quality and competitive price.
3. We take 20 step quality control system-good quality and durable;
4. We only use 100% food grade quality and safe material;

5. With EU,SDS,LFGB,FDA and other certificates.

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